as with many states, the populated counties overpower the remote rural counties. I'm sick of politicians purporting to be representing "the people" who do nothing but ignore the traditions and basic american values of rural natives, yet fully embrace the attitudes of those who push to change this country into france or some other socialist nation. Did these un-americans ever learn anything from history class or US civics? how about abolish socialists and communists from the NEA. This entire problem of the current "impeachment" started growing its roots in the public school system almost 4 decades ago


A farce Impeachment should be expunged and President Trump should sue every Democrat that voted for this wasteful disgrace!!!

irene hufnagelNY

the democrats are evil
trump is the best president
they are making up charges and shifty Schiff says nothing but lies and he thinks it is fine
he should be put in jail for his despicable behavior


A farce Impeachment should be expunged and President Trump should sue every Democrat that voted for this wasteful disgrace!!!


Abolish the Democrat Party!!


The Democrats and the media are super crazy about getting rid of our DULY ELECTED president and will do ANYTHING to accomplish this. Americans speak, WE WANT TRUMP!!!!


I used to be a democrat, a JFK-type democrat mind you, the kind that looked out for the working classes. That affiliation ended after what all dem-wit administrations from LBJ to today have done to this country to look out for deadbeats and irresponsibles at the expense of the working and responsible. They refuse to recognize the fact this country is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. All democracies throughout history declare war on individual freedom. Those who attack libertarian-minded politicians (the original republican party line) attack the foundation of basic american liberty and me

msgt jNY

An "Oath of Office" investigation should be done on all the instigators. it's a very simple FOIA request I would bet very few actually have a valid Oath on file as required, which means they are imposters legally subject to immediate removal from position . Doesn't hurt to do it at your state and local levels as well, including judges. You will be very surprised what floats to the surface


apt. 112


House managers are clinging to their juvenile stance; refusing to consider the Full weight of what the United States Constitution lays down to be impeachable offenses. This deliberate ignorance indicates that there are other reasons for pursuing impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Americans have been held hostage by certain members of the United States Congress since the inauguration of our duly elected President Donald J. Trump --- remember the announcement by one member: "Impeachment starts now!"

The ship, "America", would be precariously listing except that our president is holding the line by "steady as she goes" and keeping his promises to Americans, even in the face of the constant battering storms. God be his, our strength.


Repeal now. This eggregious impeachment process has stripped all respect from this government...blow-back is a bitch...or implement effective repairs NOW. Enough is WAY PAST enough. Justice for good folks includes ONLY using political and law systems for JUST REAL causes.


When Biden was VP he bragged about doing what they're accusing Trump of doing and he was successful. There's no proof that it was more than a suggestion by Trump and a subsequent Biden family corruption investigation in the Ukraine did not happen. Why aren't they prosecuting Biden?


Exonerate our President now! This should never have been brought forward. End it now and let our President get on with making our country better.


Let's get Schiff disbarred for unethical conduct!


Where are the crimes and misdemeanors? More BS by the Socialist Demorats. Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler should be tried for treason for initiating a coup against the President.


Democrats should be tried for treason. I won't change my mind about Trump no matter what the Democrats come up with. He's a good man and changing our country for the good. Keep up the good work. We are all praying for you, your family and administration. Do the will of the Lord.


25532 Big Springs Rd


So tired of all the Dems lies!! Our President has committed NO crime by which to be impeached!!


Biden needs to be investigated for his actual quid pro quo.


I want Biden investigated.


2414 E Purdue Rd


Obama and the Dems have created the largest divide in our country since the Civil War. There is ZERO impeachment acts of President Trump

Thomas And CatherineCA

This is all about the democrats posturing for an election they simply can't win legitimately.


This is the best president we have ever had! Repeal impeachment!!


I support our President 100%. He has had so many fake charges placed against him - more than any other man, or President; yet, he continues to work for us to make America great! God bless him and keep him safe.


Repeal the impeachment. The impeachment of President Trump is just another hoax from the deep state. I'm prepared to help re-elect President Trump and support those that support President Trump.


Yes, repeal the impeachment. Dems are ruining our wonderful country. They are costing the tax payers $$$$$ that should be spent on our Vets, Medicare, Social Security, and infrastructure.


Being the BEST PRESIDENT EVER is not an impeachable offense!


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