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This Impeachment is so partisan and vile it is tearing this country apart!!! it has separated family’s caused violence from people with their face covered and caused the MSM to lie and not report responsible news it has been the uglyest time I can remember in my 71 years in this great country. It has to stop before there is violence in our streets!! What example is this for our children.


We need to begin impeachment proceedings against the ring leaders of this farce once we elect a Republican House next year.


This is a totally political hack job with absolutely no evidence of wrong doing by our President and so is unconstitutional!


The only president who actually does what he campaigned about; and for this you dems want to impeach him. What a shame you've long forgotten the purpose of why you came to Washington in the first place.


This whole Impeachment scam is based on a phone call. I have read the transcript of President Trump's phone July phone call and there is nothing the makes for an impeachable offense.


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Keep draining the swamp, Mr. President! Politicians think they are royalty. Term limits with no pay!


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The liers Schiff and Nadler need to be impeached. Their continued lies and fabrications have lead to this travesty. At minimum, someone needs to file ethics complaints against those two.


He has done nothing wrong!


I grew up in the 60s when President Nixon's crimes cause his resignation. Then Clinton lied under oath, also a crime. What is the real crime now is Congressional crimes against a legally elected president. Get over it, Nancy! You look ridiculous.




This attempted impeachment is a disgrace. There is no crime involved. President Trump is doing what he promised and can't be "bought". He is changing the face of Washington, D.C. and that is a wonderful thing. 4 more years!!!!


Since Trump has committed no impeachable offenses, this impeachment is a sham and should be repealed. Democrats have conspired to get rid of Pres. Trump since the day he was elected. that in itself is the whole story. The democrats should not be setting a precedent for impeachment for an opposite party elected President because they lost. Is this
what we will be looking at for years to come? I certainly hope not.


Stop the insanity


This is a sham and a witch hunt to oust a duly elected president and overturn the will of all of us "credulous boomer rubes" because we obviously aren't elitists who can read, write, do mathematics, read maps, etc...and can't be trusted to have enough intelligence to make an educated and informed decision on who holds the highest office in the world!!


Make the Democratic Party pay all cost of the false Impeachment when all is done


millions of REAL americans are looking for a legal team large and powerful enough to file a HUGE multi-billion $ class-action suit against all the cronies perpetuating this crime against a duly-elected president. The proceeds to be split equally amongst all who donate to this cause, with an additional punishment that the guilty parties also reimburse the US treasury (out of their OWN pockets) for all the taxpayer dollars they have wasted on this circus dog & pony show / smoke & mirrors show. How dumb do they think the majority is ? This travesty of justice is sickening


Ridiculous waste of time and money. Stop persecuting our President.


Yellow Journalism (fake news) is a crime .. False Witness is a crime .. Perjury is a crime .. Libel is a crime .. Slander is a crime .. SEDITION is a crime punishable by death ! So is Treason. Why are our top law-enforcement agencies failing to enforce our laws ??? It doesn't matter what party they belong to, the clowns responsible for this impeachment farce should be arrested en-masse and put on trial . AND , then put on trial for their own obvious involvements with Russia, Ukraine, and China


as with many states, the populated counties overpower the remote rural counties. I'm sick of politicians purporting to be representing "the people" who do nothing but ignore the traditions and basic american values of rural natives, yet fully embrace the attitudes of those who push to change this country into france or some other socialist nation. Did these un-americans ever learn anything from history class or US civics? how about abolish socialists and communists from the NEA. This entire problem of the current "impeachment" started growing its roots in the public school system almost 4 decades ago


A farce Impeachment should be expunged and President Trump should sue every Democrat that voted for this wasteful disgrace!!!

irene hufnagelNY

the democrats are evil
trump is the best president
they are making up charges and shifty Schiff says nothing but lies and he thinks it is fine
he should be put in jail for his despicable behavior


A farce Impeachment should be expunged and President Trump should sue every Democrat that voted for this wasteful disgrace!!!


Abolish the Democrat Party!!


The Democrats and the media are super crazy about getting rid of our DULY ELECTED president and will do ANYTHING to accomplish this. Americans speak, WE WANT TRUMP!!!!


I used to be a democrat, a JFK-type democrat mind you, the kind that looked out for the working classes. That affiliation ended after what all dem-wit administrations from LBJ to today have done to this country to look out for deadbeats and irresponsibles at the expense of the working and responsible. They refuse to recognize the fact this country is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. All democracies throughout history declare war on individual freedom. Those who attack libertarian-minded politicians (the original republican party line) attack the foundation of basic american liberty and me

msgt jNY

An "Oath of Office" investigation should be done on all the instigators. it's a very simple FOIA request I would bet very few actually have a valid Oath on file as required, which means they are imposters legally subject to immediate removal from position . Doesn't hurt to do it at your state and local levels as well, including judges. You will be very surprised what floats to the surface


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