Don’t give in to the Democrats sham impeachment! They say that it will not be a legitimate acquittal without witnesses. They had their chance with 17 of their witnesses. They could not make their case so now they are asking the Senate to do the job they should have done. Don’t fall into their witness trap. They do not rule the Senate. It’s time to stand up to them.


We the people are with you 100% Things look like you are going to come out of this in really good shape!!!! Sharon!!! I’m here for you!!!


If Dems get more power the GOP and people will not be able to save the slaves of the Dems. ALL THE DEM SUPPORTERS BETTER BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Do the Dem supporters really believe that the Dems won't turn on them, look at what they have done to the President with his power and money...


The President is being railroaded. My vote counts ... they are trying to overthrow the President with lies


4355 Abbott Ave


The House continues the process of bullying the Senate to make their Impeachment case against the President. The Democrats want President Trump impeached, removed from office, and his name off the ballot in the 2020 Election. If successful, the Democrat House of Representatives will take away our decision and our vote. That’s not Constitutional.

Why did Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats decide to prematurely Impeach President Trump knowing he was going to release the transcript of his call with Ukraine President Zelensky the next day? Why didn’t they wait to see the transcript before they jumped on Impeachment? Protecting self interest?

President Trump’s Impeachment is based on his questioning and addressing “Corruption” in Ukraine before he handed over $391 Million of our Taxpayer Dollar’s. By the way, approved by the same House Democrat Congress that’s Impeaching President Trump today.😏

The House Democrats claim, President Trump questioned “Corruption” in Ukraine to eliminate his opponent Joe Biden. Fact: Joe Biden nor anyone else has been selected as the Democrat Presidential Nominee, and the Presidential election is months away. Joe Biden has a long way to go before he becomes President Trumps opponent.😏

If the Democrats succeed in their Impeachment against President Trump, they would disenfranchise millions of American voters. Do Democrats care that millions of American voters are disenfranchised? Absolutely! Especially when Democrats lose an election. Historically, Democrats have used minorities to claim disenfranchisement.

Why are the Democrats doing this Impeachment? Honestly, my gut feeling, they hate President Trump and the fact he won the 2016 Election. The Democrats want President Trump Impeached and Removed. Their goal is to remove him from office, and to remove his name as an option from the ballot box in the 2020 Election. President Trump has done so much for America. It’s always, America first with President Trump. It should never be acceptable for any American to have to write in the name of a standing President they choose to support. We, the American people will decide who our next President will be in 2020!


The truth is that Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, in their rush to impeach President Trump, decided to bypass the court and not subpoena any witnesses, not John Bolton, not Mick Mulvaney, and not Mike Pompeo. No witnesses were subpoenaed. Now, they want a Do-Over in the Senate. It’s not the Senates responsibility to make the case for the House.


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Having watched the hearings live on C-Span, I know the truth. Every single witness admitted under cross examination that everything they had testified to was hearsay... or they assumed it was how things really were. Sondland stated 31 times that he "presumed" and "assumed" or "thought" it was the truth. He also admitted that he had absolutely NO DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of Trump demanding a Quid Pro Quo!
It is shocking that NOT ONE COURT in this entire country allows Hearsay, Assumptions or Presumptions to be admitted yet these haters have convinced the people that they are actual facts!
And yes, many ARE convinced!
It's time to stand up, take back our country and rescue our President from these corrupt people!


Folks, remember this crap next election and republican.


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Democrats are crazy


This shabby impeachment is about sore losers whose Candidate didn't get elected. They raise this ruckus forgetting that the American people tolerated THEIR President for 8 years! Apparently, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.


There is nothing behind this action, except that the Demcrats had this planned since
BEFORE the election of which their gal Hildabeast lost her butt to a non-politician. If they think half the country was happy with 8 years of Obummer...they need their heads examined! Trump won...Get over it!


STOP this unnecessary, expensive and illegal nonsense!!! This is the BEST President we've EVER had.


Repeal the impeachment!!! We, the American people elected Donald Trump as OUR President!!! Leave him alone - let's elect our president in 2020 - may the best man win!!!


Please repeal this groundless impeachment.


Just another Democratic LIE taken to the point of the ridiculous while they continue to be the Do Nothing Congress and hope the country doesn't take notice.


So proud of all the good work U are doing despite the continual opposition!
Love U and Ur families courage to keep working to bring America back to greatness! You all ROCK! MAGA!!


This impeachment process provided no facts leading to this decision. Being found guilty by presumption, opinion, feelings and hearsay is setting the bar so low that no one would want to be part of a society where a simple accusation makes you guilty. Repeal of this travesty is a must. The perpetrators of this illegal activity should be charged and tried for liable, slander, destruction of the Constitution, but they should not get off without suffering some significant negative consequences or this type of non sense will be all or federal government does from now on.


This needs to stop and be reversed. This man has done so much for this country to be destroyed by TRUMP hating DEM's. The people that have brought this against should be removed from office and denied any and all pensions. Keep TRUMP 2020

Michael and TerryCO

America won because we elected Pres. Trump and denied Hillary the presidency, which she would have badly mishandled. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and all others who have forced this phony impeachment on us all, despite America's progress under Pres. Trump haven't followed the rules in doing so and consequently, they need to apologize to him and us, then repeal their entirely bogus impeachment. While they're at it, they can repay the taxpayers for our wasted money and time throughout this farce. Their juvenile behavior has been shameful.


This whole impeachment trial should have never even been held period. All the DemoRats should be charged for all the lies they have made and they should be thrown out of office asap.


Stop this farce! It is time for it to be over! The entire goal of this farce was to smear Donald J Trump so he would not be re-elected.


The democratic party should be held responsible to pay back the tax payers money they have wasted on this witch hunt. President Trump
has done a fine job for America.


What a waste of time, and our money! All because the dumbocrats are still throwing the world's longest, continuous hissy fit because they lost. We need a president who is there for us, the people, who puts the people first. The job of the president is to serve us, to protect us and to strengthen our country both economically and militarily. President Trump is doing all of this, AS PROMISED!! We've had enough of politicians who make promises to get elected, and then make excuses once they're in office. What a concept, to do what you said you would do. What we want you to do, what we need you to do. President Trump, in spite of the dumbocrats, is done more for this country in these 3 years than others have done with 8 years, and congress behind them. Imagine if everyone who was elected and took their oath to serve the people of this country actually put the interests of this country, and people; before their own, or that of their party, or special interest groups. Imagine putting what's right before what's popular or lucrative for themselves, or family. Perhaps, in addition, to TERM LIMITS, we the people need to reevaluate their salary, perks and their health insurance. If we were to switch to medicare for all health coverage, will all of congress also be on the same health plan as the rest of us? If it's good enough for us, then it's good enough for them too. Why do we allow them to put themselves, and their needs above ours? You ran for office to serve the people. You got into office, now do the right thing for the people. If you're not sure what that is, you just need to look at our President. Finally, someone who means what he says, and says what he means. A president who puts the country first, while at the same time making it strong and self sustaining. What the dumbocrats are doing is no different than that of a coup trying to oust the president simply because they don't agree with him. They hate that he is doing his job in spite of them, and getting results that are helping this country in ways that they could never imagine. They have done nothing but be a thorn in the side of this country time and time again. It's pruning time, and they need to be cut off!!! If they want an impeachment, start with the traitors who are perpetuating lies and falsehoods one after another. Don't forget the fake news, who serve them and spread the lies and falsehoods all for their own purposes, regardless of the truth and the harm they are doing to our country. Let's impeach these liars and traitors!!!


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RoswellR VincentTN

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Roswell VincentTN

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Please deport ALL progressive liberal communists !!!


The basis for this Impeachment against Pres. Trump are illegal and unconstitutioal!! This is a national disgrace. The Senate must do its legal duty and aquit this sham. Do not help the Democracts protract this abuse of our Constitution. No witnesses.


Attempted coup conspirators, led by Nancy Pelosi on down she be tried for treason. They all belong in prison.


This attempted coup should be investigated fully.


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