The truth has finally came out - pelosi/shiff/schummer/comey/clinton and many more need to be held accountable. Trump has done more for lower and middle class than any President in my lifetime. Biden is not a logical choice - look at his lies and hunter - corruption - 100%.


No crimes committed it's all political and garbage.


No crime committed


Impeachment was a sham,,


The impeachment of President Trump was a hostile, political ploy to dishonor and, if successful, remove a duly elected, sitting president by elements of the Democratic Party dominated House of Representatives. There were no crimes committed, their costly and time consuming investigations that took them away from rightful representation of the business of the people, should be repealed--and in their home districts the representatives who voted for this bogus impeachment should be voted out of office!


Protect Due Process.


Repeal or overturn the illegal non constitutional Impeachment of President Trump!


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He was accused of doing what the Democrats had done.


Impeach the democrats


The House didn't do the proper investigation in the House. Repeal the Impeachment.


The left engages in crime and gets exposed trying to put their crimes on POTUS - not to smart. But the left is involved in corruption and needs to lawfully pay. Like anyone else would.


Trump 2020. He said he would drain the swamp, and he is. This will make our country stronger!


The democrats are all about power and trying to steal the 2020 election. Since they can't win without playing dirty that is how they play the game! When there is no crime, there is no impeachment! The American people are behind our President, we love Trump!


This has been a sham and illegal ...


The democrats that tried to unseat a sitting president should be tried for treason.


All Democrats involved need to be held accountable for their unlawful scam and illegal set up to President Trump. Ever since he became elected (fair and square by the way) they thave been found to be behind it all trying there best to waste our tax $ on what isn't true. They should be penalized, removed from their seat, and fired! If not sued or be arrested for their fraudulent activity of abusing their power to be corrupt and "illegally try" to set up President Trump. They have done a crime not President Trump and it is now being found out through the Mueller report and this impeachment that they lied and are behind it all! The FBI, Pelosi, Schiff, CIA, staff members of Schiff, and many more in the Democratic Congress and Senate. Including Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden, the mainstream media, and George Soros All need to be arrested and be held accountable for their illegal fraudulant activity causing this nonsense and waste if tax payers $ as well as not doing their jobs and working for the people and America.


Every time Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Schumer, Durbin, and more open their mouths, another vote is gained for Trump 2020! Their love of PC culture, disregard for 2nd Amendment rights, Socialist re-distribution schemes, alternative history, Trump Derangement Syndrome, hate of pro-life beliefs, attacks on religion, amnesty for illegals, no bail for criminals, opposition to Voter ID laws, just to name a few, are an anathema to Real Americans in the Heartland, known only to them as fly-over Country. Come November the D's and Costal Elites are going to be in for another great awakening, as yes, lightening can strike twice in the same place!


The only thing the democrats have done in the last 3 and a half years is to attack our nations best president.


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Keep up the good work for the American people!!! We appreciate you!


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The Democrats have wasted millions of tax payer dollars on the fraud impeachment. They wasted millions of tax payers dollars on the Muller Investigation. Fifteen minutes after President Trump was elected the Democrats started talking impeachment. Now is the time and place to shut down the democrats. This November let's give a super majority to the Republican in Congress, Senate and place President Donald J. Trump back in The White House.


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For the past 3 years the the democratic party has done absolutely nothing to earn their lucrative salaries and blown close to a billion dollars desperately trying to nullify the peoples choice for president.They have committed tyranny & outright treason against our country. We the people will never trust in our judicial system until those responsible are brought to justice.


Our President Donald Trump has not done anything wrong. Everything that has happened should have. If he's giving billions of dollars to Ukraine then he should make sure there's no corruption


Don’t give in to the Democrats sham impeachment! They say that it will not be a legitimate acquittal without witnesses. They had their chance with 17 of their witnesses. They could not make their case so now they are asking the Senate to do the job they should have done. Don’t fall into their witness trap. They do not rule the Senate. It’s time to stand up to them.


We the people are with you 100% Things look like you are going to come out of this in really good shape!!!! Sharon!!! I’m here for you!!!


If Dems get more power the GOP and people will not be able to save the slaves of the Dems. ALL THE DEM SUPPORTERS BETTER BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Do the Dem supporters really believe that the Dems won't turn on them, look at what they have done to the President with his power and money...


The President is being railroaded. My vote counts ... they are trying to overthrow the President with lies


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The House continues the process of bullying the Senate to make their Impeachment case against the President. The Democrats want President Trump impeached, removed from office, and his name off the ballot in the 2020 Election. If successful, the Democrat House of Representatives will take away our decision and our vote. That’s not Constitutional.

Why did Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats decide to prematurely Impeach President Trump knowing he was going to release the transcript of his call with Ukraine President Zelensky the next day? Why didn’t they wait to see the transcript before they jumped on Impeachment? Protecting self interest?

President Trump’s Impeachment is based on his questioning and addressing “Corruption” in Ukraine before he handed over $391 Million of our Taxpayer Dollar’s. By the way, approved by the same House Democrat Congress that’s Impeaching President Trump today.😏

The House Democrats claim, President Trump questioned “Corruption” in Ukraine to eliminate his opponent Joe Biden. Fact: Joe Biden nor anyone else has been selected as the Democrat Presidential Nominee, and the Presidential election is months away. Joe Biden has a long way to go before he becomes President Trumps opponent.😏

If the Democrats succeed in their Impeachment against President Trump, they would disenfranchise millions of American voters. Do Democrats care that millions of American voters are disenfranchised? Absolutely! Especially when Democrats lose an election. Historically, Democrats have used minorities to claim disenfranchisement.

Why are the Democrats doing this Impeachment? Honestly, my gut feeling, they hate President Trump and the fact he won the 2016 Election. The Democrats want President Trump Impeached and Removed. Their goal is to remove him from office, and to remove his name as an option from the ballot box in the 2020 Election. President Trump has done so much for America. It’s always, America first with President Trump. It should never be acceptable for any American to have to write in the name of a standing President they choose to support. We, the American people will decide who our next President will be in 2020!


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