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Petition to Repeal The Impeachment

Whereas: President Trump’s impeachment is illegal because no crime has been specified.

Therefore: Repeal The Impeachment!

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No crime has been committed.


President Trump please stay the course which you have charted. Your steadfast commitment to our country and its citizens is generating a hope that I have not witnessed since Ronald Regan. You are in the daily prayers and patriotic hearts of many Americans.

Rev. Philip E.OK

He committed no crime!


Thank you for your commitment to our country. Please use your authority and constitutional power wisely in the eyes of God.


This "impeachment" is totally partisan and those who hated Trump from the beginning, even since he won the Republican nomination for President, and loudly demanded he be impeached before he had taken office, have whipped up a clamor among Democrats who were largely elected because of the Russian collusion myth that took legs before the 2018 election.


I always thought that "shifty Schiff" was so blinded by the possibility of impeachment that he spent no time on his constituents desires, but only thought of himself and possibly removing a legally elected president.
He should be recalled by the voters of California, his one sided opinions should be in the forefront of an investigation of him by legally elected officials from all over the country and not just California.

Laston & KaySC

End this phony, corrupt act of treason now and start the real trial to convict all responsible parties connected to it!


Hold members of Congress accountable for treason!


The swamp is getting deperate- they need to be ousted


For the good of the country and to uphold the Constitution, this partisan 'witch hunt' should be ended.


this was planned as soon as Trump was elected, as some have stated! It's all political chicanery! Stand strong, President Trump!


These people are not doing we the people's business; and have violated their oath of office and should be charged with HIGH TREASON.
These people are full of hate for our president, as well hate for our great country of America!!


The impeachment needs to be repealed! Democrats presented no tangible evidence and it was purely partisan politics that drove their effort!


I hold a JD in Law and have studied the U.S. Constitution in-depth and President Trump has committed no crime of any kind that meets the requirement for removal from office. The Democrats on the other hand have clearly committed treason against the American People out lined in the U.S. Constitution. Stop the BS show trial NOW, by order of "We the People"...!!!!


Keep our country great!


578 Hegge Dr.