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Petition to Repeal The Impeachment

Whereas: President Trump’s impeachment is illegal because no crime has been specified.

Therefore: Repeal The Impeachment!

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It is beyond appalling that the Democrats declared that they were going to impeach Trump before he was elected president on an overwhelming majority. The Democrats then started an impeachment on a fraudulent charge that they, themselves, committed using false evidence and illegally obtained warrants. The representatives were elected to serve their constituents but all they have done is serve themselves and really don't care if the country falls to pieces as long as they get what they want. A spoilt child having a temper tantrum behaves better than Pelosi, Warren et al. It is beyond time that the Democrats stopped trying to destroy America and worked with Trump to help return it to what it used to be, Great!


Everyone who has participated in this coup needs to be punished!


God bless President Trump. Let's pray for God to continue giving him strength and wisdom and five more years as President!


This ongoing farce is scary. It only shows what corruption of power can do and how it must be stopped. We have evil in this country and we cant sit by complacently and watch it spread. I thank God for President Trump and wish him the courage to fight the fight.


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My Stephen Wilder fore father, who was a minutemen at Concord, fought against this same kind of tyranny!

Michael EFL

I will only deal with the Impeachment though there are numerous issues. The Constitution is the Law of the land. It was not followed. That alone is enough to have Impeachment repealed. Let alone that there was not a single Misdemeanor in any of their charges. Neither political party has the right nor the authority to make up the rules as they go along to suit their agenda.


Nothing about this has been legal or called for. This is a witch hunt. Those behind the impeachment care nothing for this nation or its citizens. All they care about is getting Trump out of office.


respect the law


The real criminals need to be brought to trial, enough talking.


If President Trump is found guilty, go back and impeach all living presidents also.


Don't allow the Democratic Party to overturn the 2016 election and the 2020 election. The House didn't follow the Constitution or House procedures or the Bill of Rights by not allowing rights to the accused. Much like they did in the Kavenaugh hearings.


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This is all a sham and a coup literally, because they know they don't have a prayer in November 2020, they have a very weak filed of candidates who are falling over each other can go further to the left, which the American people are never going to go for, therefore the only thing left for them to do is try to throw him out under false pretexts, and for that they need to lie as usual, and try to muddy the waters, but this is an insult to the intelligence of the American people, and we see right through it, it won't work, and he will be re-elected in November to continue to make America great for another four years, with God's help, we will overcome their lies and bad intentions.


This "impeachment" is nothing more than an attempt by the Democrat Party to reverse the lawful election of President Trump.


The leaders of the impeachment never had any thing impeachable to charge our President with only hate because they were about to loose their gravy train footed by the American tax payers in the name of foreign aid. They should be tried for treason and dealt with according to law .