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Petition to Repeal The Impeachment

Whereas: President Trump’s impeachment is illegal because no crime has been specified.

Therefore: Repeal The Impeachment!

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This is am illegal impeachment.


To date the Democrats have not shown even the most remote shred of evidence to support their position on impeachment. No, in fact enough evidence has been presented to show that the whole impeachment process was a sham.

People, what they have done is a disgrace and flies in the face of our beloved Constitution and is a stain on this great Republic. We The People must stand against this!


I support a fair election. This was stolen from President Trump. Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that.


This is ridiculousness, Trump will be gone in a few days, STOP wasting our money on this foolishness and get to work on the peoples' business as you should be !


Time to impeach the ones that caused all this and let have trump back


The truth has finally came out - pelosi/shiff/schummer/comey/clinton and many more need to be held accountable. Trump has done more for lower and middle class than any President in my lifetime. Biden is not a logical choice - look at his lies and hunter - corruption - 100%.


No crimes committed it's all political and garbage.


No crime committed


Impeachment was a sham,,


The impeachment of President Trump was a hostile, political ploy to dishonor and, if successful, remove a duly elected, sitting president by elements of the Democratic Party dominated House of Representatives. There were no crimes committed, their costly and time consuming investigations that took them away from rightful representation of the business of the people, should be repealed--and in their home districts the representatives who voted for this bogus impeachment should be voted out of office!


Protect Due Process.


Repeal or overturn the illegal non constitutional Impeachment of President Trump!


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He was accused of doing what the Democrats had done.


Impeach the democrats


The House didn't do the proper investigation in the House. Repeal the Impeachment.