President Trump: 23 Things He’s Done Right

January 27, 2020

President Trump: 23 Things He’s Done Right

This paper is written for those disillusioned because President Trump has not pulled 100% of our troops out of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Mideast. This writer also strongly agrees that President Trump should do so immediately. We believe that President Trump should disregard the advice of all the NeoCons around him, and follow the advice of Tucker Carlson and his frequent guest on his Fox cable news program, retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor (author of the book, “Margin of Victory”).

Their advice is to get out of all these countries and the Mideast. MacGregor says that his neocon advisors will say to President Trump, “If you pull out, something bad will happen.” MacGregor says Trump should answer, “I don’t care.” In other words, the USA has no vital interest in keeping troops in the Middle East or Afghanistan. The Deep State, or Shadow Government, that is trying to  get rid of Trump by impeachment or other means, will even create fake incidents to try and provoke the USA to endless wars in line with the strategy outlined in the late Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book, “The Grand ChessBoard.”

Here are things that President Trump has done right that are unthinkable under the Bushes, the Clinton, or Obama:

  1. Pulled out of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) preventing another massive hit to manufacturing in the USA. All America First type people wanted to stop this, Hillary would have gone full speed ahead.
  2. Pulled out of the climate change accord, thus saving the USA billions and billions of dollars while China, India etc. were not being asked to do anything, even though they are the greatest offenders on matters that the proponents of US involvement claim cause “climate change” and are ‘leading to the end of the world.”
  3. Pulled out of the disastrous NAFTA and has negotiated a new deal.
  4. Put tariffs on Red China to somewhat even the score on trade.
  5. Pointing out that the last 3 administrations back to Bill Clinton have been economically selling the USA out. (Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Great Betrayal”, called what the last three administrations did, 1992 to 2016, in effect, economic treason.)
  6. Planned Parenthood was partially defunded by President Trump’s unilateral action. This was $60 million which was terminated – the first time Planned Parenthood permanently lost funding since 1973 within the USA.
  7. The Mexican Accord ended, preventing any USA funding of abortions overseas. (This was a re-enactment of what Reagan, Daddy Bush, and W. also did.)
  8. Trump becomes first sitting President to talk on live video to March for Life on Jan 22 in 2017, and also first to send his vice-president (Pence) to speak live at the March for Life. And the message was excellent. In 2020 Trump becomes the first President to appear himself live at the March for Life, and address the crowd.
  9. Trump clearly emphasizes, more than any other President, the total unacceptability of late term abortion and the new infanticide of one day old infants which was passed in New York and is proposed in Virginia. Trump at least says he is for making abortion illegal by Human Life Amendment.
  10. Trump has made the term “Fake News” a household word, and that most of the Big Media is “fake news” is now believed by tens of millions — something that alert Americans have been trying to accomplish for 40 years.
  11. Trump became the first major Presidential candidate to bring up prominently and nationally the possibility of the rigging of a national election during the 2016 campaign. He did this by saying in almost every speech starting in August 2016, “I’m afraid they’re going to rig the election against me”, and by tweeting on October 28, 2016, what Hannity also reported that night, that touch screen computers were switching votes from Trump to Hillary, inside the computers, in early voting. (There are many more details in the Youtube video/audio “My Encounter with Trump on computer election fraud”, about 51 minutes in length.)
  12. Bringing attention to the border wall, trying to build it, and saying he doesn’t want the USA to be overrun with third worlders like Europe is. Even mouthing this thought as President is a plus for our nation.
  13. Has spoken up against the demonization of white people — see his defense of people at Charlottesville marching for the Robert E. Lee statue, and his speech in Poland shortly after he was elected about the glories of Europe. CNN and MSNBC called this Poland speech a white supremacist speech.
  14. Reduced capital gains taxes, ended thousands of regulations, and made other changes so that trillions of dollars came back into the USA. —(Even all this is not enough in the long run to fix the economy; what is needed is the freedom dividend, scientifically issued; see the website, ) – He has spoken up loudly that tens of thousands of factories left America over the last two decades, and that he wants to bring back manufacturing to the USA to make us a self-sufficient nation again.
  15. Has unleashed oil, natural gas, and coal production, so we are now energy independent.
  16. President Trump became the first President in US history to persistently and publicly call out the FED (Federal Reserve Board) for hurting the USA economy with its decisions. Tried but failed to get two leaders NOT in the Fed Club — Herman Cane and Steve Moore – onto the FED board. I don’t know anyone else that tried this, although it failed because enough behind the scenes pressures were brought that both men withdrew their names.
  17. Pulled some troops out of Syria. (Not starting any new wars yet.)
  18. Pulled some troops out of Afghanistan. (Not starting any new wars yet.)
  19. No new wars yet anywhere in the world.
  20. Focused on Child Trafficking in general and shut down major above ground coded child trafficking website as announced by Andrew McCarthy (then Speaker of the House) on FOX about 2 years ago.
  21. Focused on the fact that 1 of 3 women are being raped who are coming across the southern border.
  22. Highlighting “Angel Families” at rallies who have had children or relatives killed by illegal immigrants — Democrats ignore and despise these families.
  23. Starting in May and June 2019 – opening and consistently calling out these fake network public opinion polls on the Presidential race – this is a dream come true for those of us trying to discredit the 5 big TV Networks and their phony polls.

Please feel free to mention other positive accomplishments I have missed in the comments below.

— John McQuade

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