Welcome to Repeal the Impeachment!

The “Repeal the Impeachment” movement’s purpose is to reverse the illegal impeachment of President Trump, and a first step is signing the online petition here on our website.

The impeachment is illegal because no crime has been specified. The Constitution says that a President can be impeached for “Bribery” and “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. While the Democrats in Congress talked for weeks about “Bribery”, they did not include it into the articles of impeachment (because there was zero evidence). The two articles of impeachment the Democrats in the 2019 House of Representatives did send to the US Senate were “abuse of power” and “obstructing Congress”.

“Abuse of power” is such a hopelessly vague term the opposing party could always make such a charge against any President. It is NOT a specific crime unless it is defined. “Obstructing Congress” is not a crime because when the Executive Branch and the US Congress disagree, the courts have to resolve the dispute. Pelosi and her fellow malefactors did not take Trump to the courts because there are many precedents stating that the President can protect his inner circle from appearing before Congressional Committees. Again, not a crime unless the court ruled against the President and he refused to obey the court order. (Trump has said he would follow any court decisions.)

We have posted three articles on our  About Page so those new to studying this issue can quickly get up to speed.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has written an article in “The Hill” that the Supreme Court could possibly overrule an unconstitutional impeachment; see the About Page for a summary and a link to the entire article.

A second article we have included is, “How does an Impeachment of a US President work” by Reuters. This article is very informational. However, it does contradict Professor Dershowitz’s thesis and states outright that the Supreme Court cannot intervene to reverse an impeachment. However, unlike the Dershowitz article, Reuters simply makes the assertion without any documentation or citations. Again, see our About Page for some excerpts and a link to this entire article.

A third article on “Impeachment” is included from Wikipedia. This is also a very informative article and is also posted on our About Page.

On this website you can sign the petition to repeal the impeachment, leave comments for President Trump, and specify which state you are signing from. (We are notifying President Trump and the White House of this petition you are signing, and informing them that many of us have left comments for him, or comments about the impeachment situation.) While getting as many signatures as possible on this “Repeal the Impeachment” Petition is our main focus, we have created some cool gear and merchandise so individuals can fight back against the fake news media at the grassroots level if they wish, or by giving family and friends some of these cool gifts.

Please support justice and sign the Petition!

You can also fight back against the fake news media at the grassroots level by purchasing cool gear to wear at rallies & events and by sharing to your social media and with family & friends.


If you would like to order merchandise in bulk at a discount for the Trump rallies and events, please email us at info@repealtheimpeachment.com